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Bad Environmentalist* is a snarky monthly treatise on climate, culture, and the environment. I started this newsletter to grapple with my eco-anxiety and embrace an imperfect kind of environmentalism.

If you've ever felt guilty about not recycling your plastics or averting your eyes when approached by Greenpeace volunteers, this newsletter is for you. Heck, if you're confused about this "sustainability stuff," and need a sympathetic ear, this newsletter is for you.

What this newsletter is not: the latest climate news or another "how to live green" directive. It's an honest account of trying (and sometimes failing) to live green myself. 

But it's not just about climate action; I also want to inspire a new wave of nature writing that is less shamanistic, and more human. We are a part of nature, yet very human experiences with isolation, embarrassment, frivolity, and the like are rare in nature writing. We've all read beautiful prose about majestic canyons, scenic rivers, and coming to epiphanies atop a mountain. But, it ain't always a walk in the woods!

* I remain inspired by academics like Nicole Seymour who coined the term ‘bad environmentalism.’

What you’ll get:

Some funny thoughts on nature, climate, and culture once a month.

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